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A Perfect Circle


The Perfect Circle is best known as the Rock Circle super group in the whole of USA.

The main leader and the founding father of the troupe is sad to be Billy Howerdel, he was the main lead guitarist with extreme qualities that took the band forward in its nature. The lead vocalist of the group is Maynard James Keenan; it was this fabulous guy with the other individual Troy Van Leeuwen on bass led the songs to be further better and sound a lot more original. Not to forget Tim Alexander was also one of the masterminds who made the music sound the best on his guitar. After this trend of the old generation of singers, and guitarist is came to a halt. Matt Mc Junkins, Ashes Divide, Puscifier and drummer Josh Freece who is best known of the fame in Nine Inch Nails, The Vandals and the Devo are queuing up the latest band.


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