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Adele Laurie Blue Adkins is a famous young English singer who’s managed at the age of 23 years to reach the tops in show business. For her unsurpassed talent she is called “the second Amy Winehouse”. She performs acoustic neo-soul and richly orchestrated pop, refined songs about love squabbling, lying boyfriends and other sings accepted to sing among British girls. The main thing Adele has is her deep, strong and quite unchildish voice. Adele continued the tradition of Dusty Springfield and Etta James. Her first album “19”, released in January 2008, won many awards. In a week after its release it headed UK Album Charts, and then it sold over 300 thousand copies. In a year after that fabulous debut, Adele’s songs gained the acceptance among music lovers all over the world and the singer herself got the title “Best New Artist”.

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