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Adele Steals Katy Perry’s Burrito

In a recent interview to “Capital FM” radio station, which was part of Katy Perry’s promotional campaign for her new movie “Katy Perry: Part of Me”, Katy Perry told a funny story.  

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Katy Perry Wants Rihanna

Well, apparently it was all a joke. It all started with a question about whether or not Katy is planning to work with her friend Rihanna onstage. “No”, said Perry, “but we ARE planning to have sex.” But then she turned it all into a joke and pronounced herself to be a “good Christian girl.”

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Adele, Katy Perry And Christina Aguilera Might Get Nominated For Oscar 2013

The nominees for Oscar 2013 “Best Original Song” Award might include Adele, Katy Perry and Christina Aguilera. 75 songs became a part of the 85th Oscar list.

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Katy Perry Sets A Billboard Hot 100 Record

Katy Perry managed to become part of Billboard Hot 100 history. The popular singer’s singles from the same album managed to stay on the Billboard Hot 100 list longer than anyone did before her.

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Katy Perry Will Move To Her New Boyfriend

The Star magazine reports that Katy is planning to move to London in order to spend more time with her new boyfriend.   An uncovered source, who called himself close to Perry, said in an interview to the magazine: ”Rob was planning to stay in Los Angeles with Katy during the summer but he had to move to England to participate in summer festivals. He asked Katy to go with him. At first Katy wasn’t sure if she should do it, since Rob has a Casanova reputation and just broke up with his girlfriend.”

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The Music World Hails Obama

After Obama’s victory Katy Perry, who participated in all rallies in support of the current president and gave concerts to promote him, immediately wrote in her twitter:

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