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Bliff Clyro is a rock band originated from Kilmarnock a place in Scotland. The Band consists of three primitive members rather the founding members of this band SIMON NEIL the lead guitarist and also the lead vocals of the band with JAMES JOHNSON the bass guitar and BEN JOHNSON the bombastic drummer, both of them provide supporting vocals to the band's cause. In the recent past they had an touring guitarist MIKE VENNART performing well for the famous Scottish band. Alternative rock, post hardcore, new prog and indie rock are their major areas of excellence u can also say that this are the genres of this band. The founder member of this band Simon is a very matured vocalist, which is reflected in his songs as well as in his singing. The band Bliff Clyro was formed lately in the year 1995 and from there on there was no looking back for them. Till date they launched 6 albums in total out of them one being a LIVE album in 2011 named Revolutions: Live at Wembley. Their studio albums are Blackened Sky launched 2002 followed by The Vertigo of Bliss in 2003 and Infinity land in 2004. They received a major success with their album Puzzle in 2007 and Only revolutions in 2009."Saturday Super house" was one great song that was very much appreciated by the public and it reached the Number 13 on the British rank charts.


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