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Coldplay is one of the most successful rock bands that became famous in 2000. Coldplay perform stadium and pathetic, but at the same time gentle and lyrical rock with recognizable falsetto by Chris Martin. Their first album was criticized by the press for excessive imitation to the sounding of Radiohead, however this didn’t prevent them from their growth in popularity. The following two records have sold over 10 million copies for each. Coldplay participate in a number of social programs and often perform charity concerts.

The band comprises four members, who were born in different parts of Great Britain. Vocalist Chris Martin (born on March 2, 1977) is from Devon, drummer Will Champion (born on July 31, 1978) is from Southampton, bassist Guy Berryman (born on April 12, 1978) is a Scot, moved to Kent, guitarist Jonny Buckland (born on September 11, 1977) is an aborigine from North Wales. They made friends in London 1966, being students of the same college. Chris Martin was going to become a historian, Jonny Backland was engaged in astronomy and mathematics, Guy Berryman saw himself as an engineer, Will Champion planned to devote himself to anthropology. Alas, England has lost these valuable specialists, because they all took music seriously. From its first inception, the guys rehearsed at any places, from bathrooms to tennis parks.

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