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Best Daft Punk lyrics are available below. A short Daft Punk biography, including some interesting facts we uncovered, is here for your enjoyment as well.

Daft Punk is one of the most sonorous names in dance music these days, though it came from not traditionally rich in talents Britain, but from Paris, famous for its magic influence on the fashion. The band consists of Thomas Bangalter (born on January 1, 1975) and Guy–Manual de Homem–Christo (born on February 8, 1974). They met at school years and went to the same school in Paris in 1987. They weren’t interested in French pop music at all, so they excitedly listened to the Americans. They liked the guitar of Jimi Hendrix, Motown and Stax. When the first house records began to appear in France, the twosome began an unprecedented hunt for them.

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