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The Band Named ‘Elbow’

There are so many alternative rock band performing in the globe now-a-days, Elbow is the one of them. Elbow is basically an English band from England. It is very popular English band. This band started jamming since 1990 an still are together. They released five albums till date and each of them are grand success. They are actually from Rams bottom, Bury, England. The well known members of this band are Guy Garvey, Mark Potter, Craig Potter, Richard Jupp, and Pete Turner. Guy Edward John Patrick Garvey is the main vocalist and guitarist of this band. This man made this band elbow a popular one. He has released various solo albums as well and he is a presenter of various British music shows. He has his own music company as well. Their first album Asleep in the Back released on V2 in 2001.


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