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Best Foals lyrics are available below. A short Foals biography, including some interesting facts we uncovered, is here for your enjoyment as well.

Foals biography


Folas is a rock band which has been originated in Oxford England in the year 2005. This band has members Eilish May, Jack Bevan and Yannis Philippakis who originally from ‘The Edmund Fitzgerald’ band who concentrated on math rock. This band got disposed as they did not get much media attention and then joined Foals as they wanted to have more fun with the music. Yannis Philippakis is a leading vocalist and he is very good in guitar and live drums.Jack Bevan is a drummer and Jimmy Smith is a guitarist. Edwin Congreave is a keyboard player who also supports with backing vocal. Walter Gervers is a bass player and backs with vocal as well. Andrew Mears is a former vocal and guitarist of the team.


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