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Jennifer Lopez


Lopez was born on July 24 the 1969 in the city do Bronez in New York. She was raised on Blackrock Avenue in the neighborhood of borough’s Castle Hill. Lopez is a Roman catholic. Puerto Rican and David Lopez are the parents of Jennifer Lopez who is a kindergarten teacher and a computer specialist respectively. Lopez has two children namely Lynda and Leslie. Lopez spends her schooling in catholic schools and completed it at the all girls Preston high school. In school she participates in gymnastics and ran on track for national level. She was also in the school softball team but she had got this art of show business from her mother. Her mother always willed to become a professional entertainer and therefore motivated Lopez to take part in activities around the house just for entertainment. Lopez had also worked in a legal office but she was never happy with it and so she left after a couple of years. In the year 1988 she left her school which made her family very angry hence she also left her family and shift to an apartment in the Manhattan area. She herself financed for all her activities of dance and singing. At that time she was only nineteen years old. She got a job in the Broadway due to which she got the chance to fly to Europe for 5 months. She later worked for Synchronicity which is in Japan. In the year 1987 she had already played a small role a movie known as My Little Girl and at the age of sixteen.


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