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Best Kaiser Chiefs lyrics are available below. A short Kaiser Chiefs biography, including some interesting facts we uncovered, is here for your enjoyment as well.

Kaiser Chiefs biography

Kaiser Chiefs was formed in the year 1996 in a place called Leeds in West Yorkshire England. Mainly they concentrated on indie genre of rock and also gave interest to post punk revival and New wave. When Nick Hodgson, Simon Rix and Nick Baines were 11 years old, they got to meet in one class in ‘St, Mary’s Catholic’ school present in Leeds. All the three fellows had a good interest in music. After the school days Baines and Rix left the city to join the University for further education in the year 1996. Hodgson was left in the city where he used to meet Ricky Wilson and Andrew White. These three fellows joined together to form a group called as Runston Parva which is a name got by deliberately misspelling the word Ruston Parva which is a small town in East Yorkshire.


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