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Kings of Leon is an American alternative rock band. It was formed in Nashville, Tennessee in 1999. It comprises three brothers Anthony «Caleb» Followill (b. on January 14, 1982; rhythm guitar, vocals), Ivan «Nathan» Followill (b. on June 26, 1979; drums, percussion, backing vocals), Michael «Jared» Followill (b. on November 20, 1986; bass guitar, backing vocals, composer) and their cousin Cameron «Matthew» Followill (b. on September 10, 1984; guitar, backing vocals). Each musician in the band is supposed to call by his second name. The music of Kings of Leon is a blend of south rock, garage rock, hard-rock and blues. The title of the band comes from the name Leon (this was the name Caleb, Nathan and Jared’s father and grandfather).

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