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Los Campesinos!

Los campesinos are the new indie rock sensation of recent time. With just about 6 years of their formation they are already reaching new highs. Los campesinos were started by a bunch of young college students of Cardiff University and these fellow guys did never imagine that they would taste success in such a short period of time. Initially the band had just three members Neil Turner their lead guitarist, Ellen Waddell the bass guitarist and last but not the least Ollie Briggs the bombastic drummer. Later Tom Bromley, Gareth David, Harriet Coleman and lastly Aleksandra Berditchevskaia joined the band to provide the band the power packed support needed for their betterment. Indie rock, indie pop, noise pop and twee pop is their major areas of work. Their genre doesn’t differ too much with the type of music they try to produce. Being a University band they started it from the very basics of performing in their own University campus and were lauded for their work.



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