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Best Lupe Fiasco lyrics are available below. A short Lupe Fiasco biography, including some interesting facts we uncovered, is here for your enjoyment as well.

Lupe Fiasco biography

Lupe Fiasco was born on February 16th in the year 1982 in a place called Chicago. His real name was Wasalu Muhammad Jaco. With West African ancestry, he was the ninth child for Shirley his mother who was a chef and father Gregory who was an engineer in and operating plant. His father used to work as a drummer in ‘Black Panther Party’ music group. He used to tech karate for small children in his own school and sell things required for army men in his stores. Being raised as a Muslim, he started to learn martial arts at the age of 3. When he was at the age of 5, his parents divorced and he started to live with his mother. But he could not forget the way his father raised him up till that age.


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