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Best Opeth lyrics are available below. A short Opeth biography, including some interesting facts we uncovered, is here for your enjoyment as well.

Opeth biography

Opeth is a heavy metal band which is originated in Stockholm, Sweden in the year 1990. The group is not similar to the one as it was like when started and has gone through serious changes in terms of new faces but only person who has stood dedicatedly is Mikael Akerfeldt who is a song writer, singer and guitarist. Opeth took form as death metal band when David Isberg who was a vocalist and Mikael Akerfeldt who is a bassist from Eruption band joined together. The name of the band is inspired from the novel ‘The Sunbird’ written by Wilbur Smith. In the novel Opet is fictional Phoenician city located in South Africa, the meaning of which is ‘City of the Moon’.


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