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Placebo is one of the most famous alternative bands nowadays. Because of its hermaphroditic image and poor guitar riffs, the band was called glamorous version of Nirvana. The band was formed by vocalist and guitarist Brian Molko and bassist Stefan Olsdal in 1994. Brian is half a Scot and half an American, born in England, and Stefan is a Swede by the origin. They both finished the same school in Luxemburg, but their paths have crossed just in 1994 in London. The guys formed a band “Ashtray Heart”, and they were inspired by such bands as “Sonic Youth”, “Pixies”, “Smashing Pumpkins” and mentioned before “Nirvana”. Robert Schultzberg was on drums (in already renamed “Placebo”), and then he was replaced by Steve Hewitt. Steve was the only member of British origin.

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