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Arvis Cocker, Pulp's lead singer, was a strange kid from birth, due to his nature and his extravagant way of dressing. Lonely, shy, skinny and bespectacled in 1978, along with some classmates, he formed a group called Arabicus Pulp, which later became known as the so-called Pulp. They made many attempts to become known. Yet, two studio albums, 'It' and 'Freaks' and several singles had been a sales failure, despite the interesting ideas that contributed, they remained unknown as far as commercial aspects were concerned. Russell Senior, Pulp entered in 1984 and left 13 years later. After him Nick Banks, the drummer, and Candida Doyle, the keyboardist joined. In 1988, after ten years of failure, Cocker thought to stop dreaming of success and went to London with his friend Martin Wallace, to study film.

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