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Queens of the Stone Age Lyrics

Best Queens of the Stone Age lyrics are available below. A short Queens of the Stone Age biography, including some interesting facts we uncovered, is here for your enjoyment as well.

Queens of the Stone Age is a popular rock band from California, formed by Josh Homme in 1997. The band performs the combined version of metal and psychedelic rock, being one of the most famous representatives of stoner rock.

The band was formed on the wreckage of the band “Kyuss” that performed the so called stoner rock. After its split in 1995, the former band’s vocalist and guitarist Josh Homme moved to Seattle and performed as a member of "Screaming Trees". In 1997 he made up with his former colleague bassist Nick Oliveri, who was performing in punk band Dwarves after Kyuss. The guys began thinking over the reviving of their cooperation. This idea was supported by another former colleague, drummer Alfredo Hernandez. The fourth member of the band was guitarist Dave Catching.

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