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Best Radiohead lyrics are available below. A short Radiohead biography, including some interesting facts we uncovered, is here for your enjoyment as well.

Radiohead is an English band from Oxfordshire. Nowadays the band has released 7 studio albums, all of them became Gold and Platinum in the USA and Great Britain. The music style of Radiohead has been changing due to the musical tendencies of the time beginning with grunge and light rock (“Pablo Honey”), brit pop (“The Bends”) to the IDM (“Kid A”, “Amnesiac”). The search of their own style, then the refuse of it, again the search and again the refusal is one of the essential features of the musical development of Radiohead. Among the rock things of the band you can find the things presented as minimal techno (“Kid A”), house, fusion, ambient (“Kid A”), also as blues, New Orleans jazz (“Amnesiac”) and sometimes violent guitar solos. In 2007 they released the last album "In rainbows"which is accessible on the official site for a symbolic fee.

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