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T.I. biography


Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. was born on 25th September in the year 1980 in a place called Riverdale in Georgia. He was raised up from his grand parents in Georgia when his father used to live in New York City who used to visit him frequently. His father was suffering from Alzheimer disease and died in the later stages. He is known to be as T.I. which is his stage name. He is a songwriter, producer, Rapper, actor and also author. He is also good in handling some instruments like Keyboards and sampler. He started his musical carrier as a rapper when he was nine years old itself. He used to go for the ‘Douglass High School’ and dropped out at the later stages. When he was a teenager he used to sell drugs by having a band in the wrist which will signify that the person is wealthier by selling drugs and making money. He was arrested in this case when he was in the age of 14 years itself. His paternal grand father who was a record executive nick named him as ‘Tip’ after signing with T.I. as a teenager. He shortened the name after getting a chance to sign with the ‘Arista Records’.


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