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An American alternative rock band The Killers was formed in 2002 in Las Vegas by a vocalist Brandon Flowers, also playing keyboard instruments (piano, composer), and guitarist  Dave Keuning. Before, Flowers was performing in a local band “Blush Response” that performed synth-pop, however, having attended the performance of the British “Oasis”, he firmly decided to found a band, oriented at the guitar sounding. The history of The Killers began when Keuning, a former student of the Iowa University, having neglected studies long ago and moved to Las Vegas, put an ad for a local newspaper, searching for the musicians to form a band. The musical preferences were still the same Oasis. However, Oasis wasn’t the only British band in a Keuning and Flowers’ long list of the favorites, it also included different performers from The Beatles to The Cure and New Order. When Flowers responded the ad, they set about rehearsing.

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