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Rock band U2 was created in Dublin in 1976 by 4 teenage musicians – Paul Hewson (Bono), David Ewans (The Edge) Larry Mullen junior and Adam Clayton. At the beginning the band included three more members and was called The Larry Mullen Band having changed several names and shrunk to a quartet the band stopped with the name U2. In 1978 on St. Patrick’s Day the musicians won on a local contest of talents and received money for the record of demo. The music of U2 at that time was very joyful. The singles Three and Another day brought the band rather big popularity at home. In 1980 U2 signed the contract with Island Records and created their first album Boy with the hit I Will Follow. After a tour in United Kingdom the artists recorded their second CD October that became the most religious album in the whole U2 history. In 1983 the third album War was ready with such stirring hits as Sunday Bloody Sunday and New Year's Day. The tour of U2 in Europe and USA was successful.

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